Clear Off Your Land So You Can Use It

Depend on us to remove brush, stumps and debris

If you want quick and convenient land clearing services, Venture Concrete & Excavating LLC is the company for you. We're based out of Cedar Rapids, IA, but we serve residential and commercial clients throughout the entire state. We'll prep your land by removing and disposing of anything you don't want safely, including underbrush and debris.

No matter how large or small your plot of land is, we can clear it for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Why should you call us?

Land clearing services are an important step of any new construction project. You should call us if:

  • You want decaying stumps removed
  • You're interested in leveling out your land
  • You need to make room for new landscaping features

Venture Concrete & Excavating is known for working efficiently and offering outstanding customer service. Set up an appointment today to get your land ready to build on.